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Advocacy for Businesses

Employer Side Advocacy

You wouldn’t operate your business without liability insurance. You shouldn’t operate your business without employment law compliance either.

A multitude of laws govern the employee/employer relationship, from hiring, to compensation, to leave management, to separation and beyond.  Sara’s clients range from small businesses hiring their first employee to enterprise level businesses with thousands of employees across multiple locations.  Staying compliant with federal and NY State employment laws and mandates can help businesses minimize legal risk and help avert costly future legal proceedings.


Contact Sara for assistance with:

  • Proper employee onboarding procedures
  • Handbook and policy drafting
  • Wage and hour compliance
  • Disability and leave management 
  • Dealing with difficult employees and responding to employee complaints 
  • Other HR best practices

With compliance measures and good judgment along the way, Sara believes most workplace disputes can be prevented or easily resolved.  But sometimes that’s not the case, and issues arise that require additional legal advocacy, workplace investigations or legal representation. Sara has experience defending clients in administrative matters before the federal and state departments of labor and before the EEOC and similar state and local human rights law agencies.  Sara has also defended clients in state and federal courts in both individual and class and collective actions.  In handling such matters, Sara believes in vigorously defending her clients’ position while also keeping in mind the costs and burdens of litigation and how each matter can be most effectively and efficiently resolved.

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