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Employer Side Advocacy


Mediation is a voluntary and confidential way for parties to attempt to resolve a dispute with the assistance of a neutral mediator who is trained to help facilitate communication.  

Sara Kula is a highly trained and experienced mediator, currently serving on several mediation panels, including:

  • American Arbitration Association’s Employment Law Panel
  • Resolute Systems, Inc.
  • International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution, Inc.
  • U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
  • U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York
  • New York State Court Small Claims Department

As a mediator, Sara offers her knowledge and experience to the parties, as well as her ability to listen, her ability to understand and her ability to reason.  Sara provides the parties with a safe environment in which to dig into the various issues and interests involved. Sara’s role is to listen to the parties’ concerns and desires, to act as a sounding board, to question their positions, and to provide them with additional factors and viewpoints to consider.  Sara will help the parties to see all sides of an issue, while always remaining neutral and respectful.  She facilitates communication between the parties, increases understanding on all sides, clarifies misunderstandings, and fosters creative thinking.  

Sara believes a successful mediation is one where each side has sufficient information to determine if there is any mutually agreeable resolution available to the parties that is preferable to each over continuation of their dispute.  Mediation can take place either before or after litigation has been initiated. 

Kula Law P.C. is located in Westchester, NY and serves clients across the entire New York state region.  Contact Sara for more information.  

“I remain convinced that most human conflicts can be solved through genuine dialogue conducted with a spirit of openness and reconciliation.”

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