Advocacy for Individuals

Employee Side Advocacy


Sara works with individuals seeking help in negotiating with an employer, individuals, or whose legal rights have been violated by a current or former employer.

Employers have an obligation to comply with various federal, state and local laws.  When employers fail to meet this responsibility, Sara assists employees in seeking a remedy for the violations of their legal rights.

Consider contacting Sara if you are/were:

  • Looking for assistance negotiating a separation package
  • Discharged for an unlawful reason (e.g., age, race or gender discrimination)
  • Denied a leave or other accommodation for a medical issue
  • Subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Not paid overtime or other proper wages
  • Subjected to other unlawful forms of discrimination, harassment or retaliation

In her practice, Sara has helped clients negotiate employment and separation agreements and has represented employees successfully in mediations, court litigation, and administrative agency matters.

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